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If you require a specific service or wish to receive a quote please don't hesitate to contact us. We aim to respond to our customers as soon as possible. If you would rather speak to one of our team directly please call 087 222 1755.

Transport Services

WindtranZ can provide transportation for practically any product big or small. WindtranZ has many years of experience in dealing with the transportation of oversized machinery and has established a reputation as the leading company for the transportation of Wind Turbine Components such as motors and blades.

Our fleet of trucks and specialised lifting equipment are manned by and experienced crew who will ensure that your job is completed to your satisfaction.

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Storage / Warehousing

Windtranz offers exceptional storage facilities to suit your requirements. Our secure warehouses are approximately 8,000 square meters in size thus capable of meeting most storage needs. A 12000kg gantry crane ensure that your good are neatly stored and easily fetched when required.

Our warehouses are suitable for most equipment including major components such as gear boxes, generators and main shafts.

Our warehouse are securely alarmed and locked and as they are located to the family home of Andy Thornton there is someone in attendance both day and night.

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Oil Exchange & Recycling

Windtranz not only handles the exchange of oil for all equipment including gearboxes, we also recycle the oil. We can take care of all of your oil recycling needs. We use the latest equipment and standards to get the job done right.

We can store new oil and dispose of waste oil. WindtranZ can supply oil to the cleanliness level of ISO 16/14/11 prior to delivery is made into your gearbox.

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Lifting Equipment

WindtranZ has a complete set of lifting equipment available ranging from 2.5 ton forklifts to trucks fitted with 60 tm cranes. We also have specialised forklift capable of lifting 28 tonnes as well as a range of lowloaders, flats, extendable flats and curtainsiders.

Whatever the weight or size of your goods WindtranZ can give you advise on the best, most efficient and the most cost effective way to transport your goods.

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On Site Office Rental

Our Security Vault Cabins are fabricated of heavy gauge steel and fitted with heavy duty doors and Security Window Shutters. All Units are finished to a very High Standard and complete with a vinyl plasterboard wall finish.

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MEWP / Truck Mounted Platforms

WindtranZ provide a broad range of access machinery. With truck mounted Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP's) - ranging from 20 metres to 60 metres working height. The trailer mounted MEWP's range in height from 17 metres to 28 metres.

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Hazardous Waste
Transport & Disposal

Windtranz provides a range of Hazardous Waste management services, from the supply of asbestos packaging to the transport and authorised disposal of all asbestos waste.

All asbestos must be transported under a C1 Form. Haulier must have relevant waste collection permits.

Hazardous Waste must be handled and packaged according to the Health and Safety Guidelines for Carriage of Hazardous Waste by Road. Please refer to the HSA website (www.hsa.ie) for further information on these guidelines.

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Weed Control

WindtranZ offers a comprehensive weed control program which will both clear and prevent weeds on approach roads and in the tower area.

Our mechanical sprayers will precisely target weeds on stone chip surfaces or borders keeping areas clean and clear.

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